for a Health & Wellness Brand

Life2live is a space that offers the resources for people to grow personally and professionally. Initially, it was lacking a coherent message, a visual identity and it was not clear how people could benefit and what the brand stood for. All of this meant the communication was not efficient, the full potential of the brand was not being met and the territory towards where it should be transitioning was not well defined.

The solution came after benchmarking research and creating the key messages the brand had to communicate to help people live their life the way they want to. The objective was to transform Life2live from simply a space for activities to a environment for a self-aware and healthy lifestyle.

The rebranding consisted in creating the key messages, new Brand Identity design, website and applications for the different touchpoints.

The key values of Life2live are: self-awareness, sustainability, simplicity, clarity, health, nature and culture.

Salud, Arte, Espacio